Kennewick, WA


Robert Ellis Post 4 Members,
Many of you may have received a letter from American Legion Department of Washington stating that our Post has been placed on "Probation."  Please disregard this letter as the Department of Washington Commander and the Department Executive Council are operating outside their authority per Department and National By-Laws and state corporate law. We do not recognize this improper and unlawful action.
Per Department and National By-Laws, probation is a tool used to re-vitalize an under-performing post.  Clearly we are not under-performing, Department wants to punish us because we refuse to silence one of our members.  We will continue on as before and will ignore this improper and possibly illegal action.   There are processes governed by National By-Laws to sanction a post; however, Department did not follow these procedures.  
This action is a desperate attempt by the Department Commander to settle a long term personal grudge against one of our members; and by individuals on the Department Executive Council who want to silence Bruce and other Legionnaires who have been asking for answers regarding Department financial irregularities.  
I'm disappointed with Department and have personally contacted the National Commander to express my displeasure.  As a Post, we are not alone in our frustration with Department.  Our Post and others across the state are taking actions to properly address the unauthorized, improper, and unprofessional actions of Department with the American Legion National offices.
We can discuss this further at our regularly scheduled meeting, Thursday 22 June, 6:00 PM (eat & greet) 7:00 PM(meeting) at the Sports Page in Kennewick.