Kennewick, WA

At a recent opportunity to speak at a local church, I chose Genesis 24: 10-20 as a text, and spoke on a four letter word!!  Now your mind may travel various routes here, however the word is  ALSO.  Basically as a sign to the servant that Rebecca was of the right character and heart, she not only gave water to a thirsty stranger, but watered his camels (10 in all) ALSO!!  The cheerful doing was the mark.  'When a man must go one mile, the only Spirit that can save his soul from bitterness is the willingness to go two.' "Necessity is a slave..the only way to avoid it is by our own accord, to be willing to do more than is demanded.'  And last from H.E. Fosdick (1906) "It is because of their unwillingness to go the second mile, that men make such a desperate labor out of going the first mile.!!  My point---it is spring..we have functions as Post #4..our own and support of others..we may not be able to do all of them because of personal commitments, but let us pick a couple of them and do them well..with a smile..and then some.  Find someone and pat them on the back for a small attribute, a small act.  Encourage someone, in your home or outside your home.  Go the second mile and then tell me how you feel afterwards.  Makes you feel really worthwhile and the recipient of your encouragement....well it is a WOW for them. (Somebody really did notice) We go to another post in support of them, let them know how much you appreciate them and their work locally.  Add some 'ALSO' to your life.